About me

My Story

I have been dedicated to the world of new technologies for over 20 years.

Starting in the world of systems and security, I discovered Marketing, and it captivated me.

For more than 8 years, with a global vision, I have managed various clients, their E-commerce, Adwords campaigns, etc.


I started in the world of computer security, where I did consulting, ethical hacking, perimeter security, etc.

This gave me a broad knowledge of systems, networks, programs, etc.

Digital Marketing

In a new step in my career, I decided to make a turn and dedicate myself to digital marketing.

Leveraging my technical knowledge in security and systems, I trained in the world of marketing, learning strategies and various tools that I have been applying over the years.


Working with clients and my own projects, I have managed to position their websites in the top positions of Google, in addition to optimizing their CMS (WPO) and implementing campaigns with Google Adwords, where I am certified.


Not everything is marketing; one of my passions has been sports, specifically triathlon.

Combining my passions for all things digital and sports practice, I created https://www.triatlonnoticias.com/ 10 years ago, positioning it as the leading medium for this sport in Spain.

Always eager to learn.

I have always been fascinated by the inner world of people; I have spent many years reading books on personal development, psychology… and this year I have taken a further step by starting a degree in psychology.

In addition to benefiting me personally, these insights will give me a new perspective to add value to my clients from a different point of view.

Thus, I can combine technology, marketing, and psychology.